CPD & Assessment

MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP)

CPD Guideline For Approved Training Providers (ATP)

  1. MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP) refers to the company, organisation, cooperatives or any other institutions that provide educations and trainings for the purpose of institutional lifelong learning. ATP are allowed to deliver programs that may result in participants earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. 

  2. ATP need to download the CPD application form.

    i) CPD Hours Request form (Form B).


    ii. Use Bulk CPD Request Form If more than ONE (1) programme.


  3. The completed application form (Form B) will need to be submitted to the Secretariat via email at cpd@mbot.org.my together with the programme/agenda/itinerary of the event.  

  4. The Board shall notify on any financial implications of the application as per determined from time to time. 

  5. Each application includes the following:
       a. A completed form of application;
        b. Company Profile;
        c. Programme Kit; and
        d. Any other relevant documentation deemed supportive of the application. 

  6. The Secretariat will table the application to MBOT Committee of Quality, Education and Training for approval. 

  7. The Secretariat will notify the ATP the soonest upon approval of the decision by the Committee. 

  8. The details of CPD Programme approval may be used for promotional purposes by the ATP. They will also be displayed in MBOT website/social media. 

  9. ATP is allowed to include the following phrase on their promotional material; i.e. “(MBOT CPD Approved: 6 CPD hours)”.  

  10. Please be advised that ATP are only permitted to use the MBOT’s logo for the approved event only.  

  11. Please contact the Secretariat or Corporate Communication Unit of MBOT if you have any further enquiry regarding the promotional material.

  12. The Board shall reserve any other provision to improve the above-mentioned procedures from time to time.