Renewal & CPD

MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP)


1.0    Introduction
  • MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP) refers to the company, organization, cooperatives or any other institutions that provide education and training for the purpose of lifelong learning.
  • In general, MBOT ATPs are allowed to conduct programmes that could lead to Professional Technologists (Ts.) and Certified Technicians (Tc.) acquiring Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours to fulfill renewal requirements.

         Training providers registered under the MBOT ATP must meet the following criteria:

1.0     Company Registration
           The entity must be registered or incorporated in Malaysia with either one of the       
           following statuses:
  • Company registered or incorporated under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
  • Association/ NGO.
  • Industry-based Training Centre.
  • Cooperatives registered under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia.
  • Government/ Semi-Government Institution.
1.1      Appointment of Ts. & Tc. in MBOT ATP
  • Each MBOT ATPs must have at least one (1) Professional Technologist (Ts.) or a Certified Technician (Tc.) with full-time status in the organization. or;
  • Each MBOT ATPs must have at least two (2) Professional Technologists (Ts.) or Certified Technicians (Tc.) appointed as associate partners.
 1.2      Annual Fee
  • All MBOT ATPs are required to pay an annual fee of RM150 for one (1) year validity period subject to the conditions set by the Board from time to time.
  • MBOT ATPs needs to renew and submit new application form after the expiration of the approval period or if needed.
  • **Please refer to the payment registration guideline. Click here
1.3     Application as MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP)
          register here

         MBOT ATPs must follow the process of application programme as below:

1.0    Submission of Application CPD Programme
  • The application for the CPD programme can be submitted after completing the registration as MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP).
  • Any MBOT ATPs who wishes to organise CPD activities may apply for the application not less than one (1) month before the proposed date of said CPD programme.
1.1    Verification Document Checklist         
         MBOT ATPs must include all supporting documents as stated below;
  • A copy of the programme kit including detail of programme outline (modules/ tentative/ agenda or etc.).
  • A sample of poster, brochures, or flyers (promotional purpose).
  • A sample of certificate (certification after completion of the programme or after the test).
  • Speaker or trainer profiles for each related course.
  • Documentary evidence from certification body (for professional certification course only).
  • Any other relevant documentation deemed supportive of the application.
. 1.2     Processing and Approval
  • The application will be screened and discussed in the MBOT Quality, Education and Training Committee for approval.
  • The Committee will decide on the number of hours to be approved. The decision of the Committee shall be FINAL.
  • The Committee may review or withdraw the approve hours given to the organisers if they fail to comply in accordance with their application.
  • The Secretariat will notify the ATP the soonest upon approval of the decision by the Committee.
1.3      Renewal of CPD Programme
  • The validity period for each programme is one (1) year from registered date of MBOT ATPs subject to the conditions set by the Board from time to time.
  • MBOT ATPs needs to renew and submit new application form after the expiration of the approval period or if needed.
1.4     Application for CPD Programme

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1.5     MBOT ATP Logo's  Usage Guidelines

        download here
You may download the Guidelines for Registration of MBOT Approved Training Provider (ATP) & CPD Programme here.

        download here