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To be a world class professional body for technologists and technicians.


To elevate the standing, visibility and recognition of technologists and technicians.


To increase the pool of skilled workforce required to attain a high income economy, and to protect public safety and health


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What is MBOT?

Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) is a professional body that gives Professional Recognition to Technologists and Technicians in related technology and technical fields. Based on Act 768, MBOT expands its function vertically and horizontally whereby MBOT looks at technology-based profession that cuts across discipline based from conceptual design to a realized technology and covers from Technicians (with MQF Level 3 to Advanced Diploma Level 5) up to Technologists (Bachelor’s Degree and above). As a whole, these professionals (Technologists and Technicians) have integrated roles from concept to reality.



MBOT was established as a professional body through a Technologists & Technicians Act 2015 (Act 768), to register and recognize Professional Technologist as well as Certified Technician as professionals. It was instigated by the recommendation of the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP), which has identified the needs for setting up a professional body to register and recognizing graduates of skills and technology.

In line with the 2nd strategic thrust of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy or DSTIN (Developing, Nurturing and Shining Talents) in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), MOSTI has implemented various programs to develop STI-related human resource capacity. Malaysia intends to become a developed and inclusive nation by the year 2020 whereby needs for human capital knowledgeable ethical to drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

In order to retain the number of TVET workforces growing in the industry, MBOT also assists in ensuring the quality of the profession is in line with the dynamic development of the current industry and current trends in manufacturing technologies include, among others, automation, Internet-of-things and cyber physical systems.


Functions of MBOT

Section 5 (Act 768) stipulates MBOT to perform the following functions:

  1. To recognize and register Technologists and Technicians as Professionals based on technology and technical fields;
  2. To provide facilities for the promotion of education and training and to hold or cause to be held, professional development programmes for registered persons to further enhance their knowledge relating to their professions;
  3. To conduct assessments or to cause assessments to be conducted by an institution approved by the Board for the purpose of admission to the profession;
  4. To determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of the technologists and technician profession; and
  5. Generally, to carry out all such acts and do all such things as may appear to the Board necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act.