Certified Technicians

Qualified Technicians may apply to be a Certified Technicians after obtaining a practical experience which is determined by the Board (minimum 3 years working experience in the related technology and technical fields), paid the prescribed fee and complied with all of the criteria determined by the Board.

The 3 years working experience shall not be counted from the registration date as Qualified Technicians, however, MBOT will take into count the previous experience within the related Technology Fields. A Qualified Technicians who wishes to apply for Certified Technicians is required to sit for an assessment in the related Technology Fields. The non-refundable assessment fee of RM300 shall apply for each assessment.

After passing the assessment, the Qualified Technicians have to apply for Certified Technicians with a fee of RM200. Upon approval from the Board, a Certified Technician shall be entitled to:
  1. Approve and certify the manner or conduct of technical services to be carried out
  2. Describe himself or hold himself out under any name, style or title :
    1. Bearing the word Certified Technicians or the equivalent in other languages
    2. Using the abbreviated title “Tc.” Before his name
    3. Using the abbreviation “C.Tech” and his specialization after his name
This Ceritified Technician title is renewal annually with a fee of RM100 subject to fulfilling 20 CPD hours endorsed by MBOT.