Technology Fields

Technology Expert Panel (TEP)

MBOT’s TEP act as a strategic alliance between 3 sectors namely government agency (if any), industry and academia. This strategic alliance will act as an advisor to oversee the respective Technology and Technical Fields which are recognised by MBOT.

There are 3 level of engagements that will be handled by the TEP:

Academic Accreditation

TEP plays a very important role in Academic Accreditation by advising TTAC during the accreditation process for each programme. The scope of advice is on technology and technical aspects such as facility and relevance of certain curricular in the programme. This role is important to ensure that the programme offered by HEP is based on the latest technology in the market and demand from industry will be met accordingly to avoid mismatch and increase graduate’s employability rate.


Part of TEP’s role is to assist MBOT in providing the professional assessment framework which will be used by the Examination and Qualification Committee (EQC) to conduct professional assessment for Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians in the respective fields. TEP will advise the EQC in terms of technology and technical aspects that needs to be covered during the assessment to ensure that all related assessments are covering the latest technology.

Practising Provision

In this section, TEP will assist MBOT in developing the best practices for each respective technology fields to be documented as practising provision for technologists and technicians in that fields. These practising provisions are aligned with the function of MBOT which is spelled out in clause 5(e) under Act 768, where the Board may determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of the technologists and technician’s profession.

To-date MBOT has collaborated with many organisations to strengthen the role of TEP. This effort is crucial to ensure that each Technology Fields will be constantly developed together with the industry and experts, for the industry and experts.

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