Technology and Technical Accreditation Council (TTAC)

MBOT has a function to evaluate the quality assurance of the programme in the field of technology under clause 6(2) (g) of Act 768. In order to perform this function, MBOT has established Technology and Technical Accreditation Council (TTAC) which will be a council that performs programme accreditation for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) in Malaysia. The accreditation of programmes under the technology fields recognized by MBOT will be done together with Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) under a Joint Technical Committee for the purpose of:
  1. Considering an application for accreditation; and
  2. Making recommendations to grant or refuse the application for accreditation.
For more information about accreditation, TTAC and Technology and Technical Accreditation Secretariat (TTAS), please visit TTAS Website by clicking at this link.

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