Professional Assessment

MBOT assessment is based on the respective technology and technical Fields. The assessment is crafted by the Technology Expert Panel and will be driven by the industry.
This industry driven type of assessment is important to ensure that MBOT’s Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians has the highest credentials that will meet the expectations of the industry. The Professional Assessment modules formulated by the TEP aims to cover the latest technology on the ground and shall be updated as and when needed to maintain its relevancy. Every technology and technical fields shall have a specific assessment based on its own niche and will involve professional review (if required) in terms of skills as well as specific knowledge which is needed to become a certified and recognized professional.

MBOT is working closely with its Technology Expert Panel to ensure that the assessment is exceeding the expectation of the industry.

Two components of MBOT's Professional Assessment:
  • Written Assessment - This assessment will be conducted on a regular basis online and will be reviewed by Technology Expert Panel (TEP); and
  • Interview - the interview process will be conducted by TEP and regulated by the Examination and Qualification Committee after the written assessment is completed.