MBOT Registration


Functions of MBOT

  • Recognition of Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians as professionals;
  • Registration of Professional Technologists, Graduate Technologists, Certified Technicians and Qualified Technicians;
  • Professional development and training programmes;
  • Assessment of technology and technical programmes;
  • To regulate the conduct and ethics of the technologist and technician profession.


Recognition & Acceptance
  • Individual designation of Ts./P.Tech. or Tc./C.Tech. for peers and industrial acceptance
Talent Mobility
  • More opportunity for professionals from every level of technology field
Lifelong Learning
  • MBOT adopt CPD hours which will encourage professional to attend professional courses & it can be done directly through TEP members
Technology Fora & Programs
  • Regular fora & programs which will be conducted by MBOT and TEP for each technology field