CPD & Assessment

What is CPD?

MBOT promotes lifelong learning through the implementation of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In MBOT, CPD is essential to renew the professional membership for both Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians. CPD is counted by hours and the number of CPD hours can be obtained through Trainings and Projects which are certified by MBOT. 

Number of CPD hours required was determined by MBOT’s Technology Expert Panel and the Board based on the industry requirements after going through strict verification cycle with the Board, TEP and in certain cases the related industry.  Total number of hours required: 

*Subject to change & approval by the board

# Technology Fields CPD Hours/Year
Professional Technologists Certified Technicians
1. 23 Technology Fields 30 Hours 20 Hours
Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians will have to complete the required number of CPD hours in order to renew their professional membership in MBOT. There are a few ways to gain the CPD hours –
  1. Trainings from MBOT Certified Training Centre or Learned Institutions
  2. Seminars and technical events by MBOT or any of MBOT’s TEP
  3. Projects which is certified by MBOT (submission of projects for CPD has to be done to MBOT as early as possible to avoid technical issues)

For renewal of 2017 and 2018 batch of Professional Technologists and Certified Technicians which falls in 2019, no CPD hours is required.

All CPD applications requests must be submitted through email at cpd@mbot.org.my.  It is advisable to submit your CPD request prior to attending the related program to ensure the program is endorse and recognise by MBOT. The CPD Request Form can be obtained here. Please ensure to attach the supporting documents i.e. the program contents and itinerary accordingly. 

For individual CPD hours collection, each hour will be recorded in MBOT'sn online CPD system that  will be launched soon. We will keep you updated on the next steps from time to time.