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Healthcare Maintenance: A Professional Technologist's Story

Aug 23, 2023

Meet Ts. Elman Mustafa El Bakri, a Professional Technologist who's not only made a difference to the nation but has also left a mark on the world stage. This video shares the key moments and brief stories that have shaped his journey in the health and medical field. Get ready to be inspired! His story is a reminder that behind every successful medical treatment, there's a technologist, ensuring the tools and devices are primed for exceptional care.

Exploring Career Dimensions of Professional Technicians – MBOT Success Story

Mar 29, 2023

Listen to the story of a professional technician about his career and professional recognition. With his vast experience in the construction industry, Tc. Hee See Kiong who is currently a project manager, is also actively involved as a technical consultant in the production of the company's core product.

A Colorful Journey of MBOT 2022

Jan 18, 2023

A Colorful Journey of MBOT 2022 is a documentation of MBOT's journey in 2022. 2022 was an encouraging year for MBOT as MBOT continues its initiatives and activities to uplift the profesions of Technologists and Technicians with industry partners, institutions of higher learning, government agencies and organizations.

RedLIPS Hi-Tea Session - MBOT Woman Technologist Chapter

Nov 04, 2023

MBOT announced its latest initiative by establishing the Woman Technologist Chapter (WTC) to intensify the involvement of women in technology and technical professions. Thank you to WTC's strategic media partner, Sinar Daily for the coverage and support to strengthen the network of Technologists and Technicians. 

MBOT at Bernama Radio

Jun 28, 2018

Malaysia Board Of Technologists (MBOT) looks at technology based profession that cuts across discipline based from conceptual design to a realized technology and covers from Technicians (with MQF Level 3 to Diploma Level) up to Technologists (Bachelor Degree level and above). As a whole, these professionals (Technologists and Technicians) have integrated roles from concept to reality.

Introduction Malaysia Board Of Technologist

Jun 25, 2018

Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) is one of the new professional bodies that gives professional recognition to Technologists and Technicians in related technology and technical fields.