Global Technological Alliance (GTA) came into the vision to tackle several issues such as lack of international acknowledgment of the Technologist and Technician profession, absence of an international standard governing the education and competency development of Technologists and Technicians, which can limit global mobility and recognition as well as lack of an international organization, institution, or society specifically catering to the growth and needs of Technologists and Technicians which represents a significant obstacle to their professional development and recognition on the global stage.

GTA transcends mere cooperation; It represents a profound commitment to harnessing the synergies between diverse organizations, uniting strengths to address complex challenges and unearth transformative solutions. It offers founding organizations the opportunity to combine resources, wisdom, and skills. By harnessing the collective potential of technologists and technicians worldwide, this alliance can reshape the trajectory of technological advancement, leading us toward a future characterized by progress, sustainability, and shared prosperity.


Global Technological Alliance is established with its mission to cultivate a thriving and dynamic international technological ecosystem by forming collaborative partnerships with international organizations.


Through GTA, we strive to empower tech professionals worldwide by enabling talent mobility and fostering connections that promote innovation, collaboration, and growth.


There are four (4) significant scope of collaborations under the constitution of GTA:
1. Professional Recognition
To ensure that professionals in their respective fields are recognized based on clear criteria, which may include educational qualifications, work experience, expertise, and adherence to professional codes of conduct for prosperity.
2. Educational Excellence
To uphold quality assurance and promote mutual recognition of qualifications within the educational sector.
3. Collaborative Adoption
To recognize the importance of adopting and promoting standards that drive quality, efficiency, and interoperability within their respective sectors.
4. Worldwide Mobility
Emphasizes the need for seamless movement of skilled professionals, researchers, and students across organizational and geographic boundaries.


GTA is established on 15th August 2023 with a historic establishment ceremony involving all the founding members witnessed by Yang Berhormat Tuan Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. The ceremony symbolizing a strong commitment to drive technological talent advancement and sustainability. The founding members are namely Pertubuhan Ukur, Jurutera dan Arkitek (PUJA) Brunei, Directorate General of Technical Vocational Education and training (DGTVET), Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Cambodia, Markija Berdaya, Indonesia, Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed.MES), Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists (SIET), Association of Technologists and Technicians Timor Leste (ATT-TL), and Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).