Technology Fields

What are MBOT’s Recognised Technology Fields?

To-date, MBOT has recognized 24 Technology and Technical Fields. These technology fields are not permanent and will dynamically change based on the rapid growth of technology. Each Technology Fields has gone through rigorous verification and requirements study before it was being approved by the Board and recognised as MBOT Technology and Technical Fields.

Each Technology and Technical fields was defined by MBOT’s Technology Expert Panel which consists of representative for the industry, relevant government agency and academia. The Key Area for each Technology and Technical Fields was also defined properly to cover the wide angle of Technology Fields and its implementation in the industry.
Electrical and Electronic Technology (EE)
Information and Communication Technology (IT)
Chemical Technology (CM)
Telecommunication and Broadcasting Technology (TB)
Biotechnology (BT)
Building and Construction Technology (BC)
Resource Based, Survey and Geomatics Technology (RB)
Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (ME)
Agro-based Technology (AF)
Cyber Security Technology (CS)
Transportation and Logistic Technology (TL)
Material Science Technology (MT)
Marine Technology (MR)
Maritime Technology (MI)
Atmospheric Science and Environment Technology (AC)
Green Technology (GT)
Oil and Gas Technology (OG)
Automotive Technology (AT)
Aerospace And Aviation Technology (AV)
Food Technology (FT)
Nano Technology (NT)
Nuclear and Radiological Technology (NR)
Art Design and Creative Multimedia Technology (AM)
Health and Medical Technology (HM)